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Welcome to Chinook Jewelry Designs....

Modern and distinctive ceramic pendants and handcrafted art jewelry.

My goal is to make distinctive, beautiful jewelry and ceramic pendants that will complement the wearer as well as remain stylish indefinitely. I pride myself on my attention to detail and the quality of the materials I choose. I have been very fortunate to learn many wonderful wire working techniques by taking classes from talented wire artists, including Lynne Merchant and Connie Fox. My ceramic pendants were born out of the desire to create focal pieces for my own jewelry work, but quickly expanded into a new artistic endeavor as I began to offer them to jewelry designers, crafters, and fiber artists.

My finished jewelry pieces primarily use sterling silver wire to wrap and connect semi-precious stones and pearls although you will also see some items strung on durable jeweler's wire, hand-dyed silk, leather or suede. I also frequently use fine or sterling silver beads from Bali and Thailand.

If you see something you like but would prefer it in a different color, stone, or have seen a style somewhere else that you have in mind, just ask! Be it a special occasion such as a wedding or just something to match that cute new sweater, I would be happy to work with you to create something to fit your vision.

What does Chinook Mean?

A Chinook (pronounced "Shinook") is a warm wind coming down off of the mountains during the winter and originates from the Native American for "snow-eater".  According to legend, Chinook was the name of a beautiful young Indian woman who mysteriously vanished while walking in the forest; many searched but she was never found.  During the search a warm breeze blew across the land, bringing with it the start of summer.   In the midst of a chilling winter, a Chinook is always a welcome respite from the cold and brings peeks of the long dormant green buds under the covering of snow.


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