Our ceramic pendants are created from a smooth, white, porcelain-like clay. The process begins with a consistent thickness of clay that is free of bubbles or ridges. It is then stamped, carved, or pressed into a mold to create a surface pattern. The pendant is allowed to dry for several days under careful monitoring to ensure that no warping or cracking occurs. Once fully dried, the pendant toasts in the kiln for around 6 hours. Once it has cooled overnight, it is ready for a few coats of glaze. Each coat of glaze is brushed on with time to dry in between, then it is left to dry completely for a day or two. Next, the kiln is loaded full of pendants, ensuring that glazed surfaces touch nothing. The final step in the process is approximately 8 hours in the kiln until the temperature reaches a firey cone 6 level. After an overnight cool-down, the pendants are ready for wearing.

Although our clay is more durable than low-fire clays such as terracotta, pendants will break or chip if they encounter a hard surface with enough force. Treat your pendants as you would a favorite plate or vase and things should be fine! If an unlucky break occurs, dispose of the pieces carefully as the edges might be sharp.

Jewelry & Gemstones

Our jewelry is created primarily with sterling silver wire, findings and accents.  Over time, silver naturally develops a dark patina. In some pieces we encourage this process by antiquing and polishing the silver to give depth and definition to the details. The best way to maintain a glow on your silver jewelry is to polish it regularly with a "Sunshine Cloth" which gives a great shine without harsh chemicals or scratching that might damage stones. Gemstones, pearls, suede, and leather are sensitive to acids, perspiration, cosmetics, and hair spray so we strongly recommend that you put your jewelry on after your cosmetics.  We do not recommend polishing your jewelry with liquids or dips as it may damage delicate gemstones and it will remove an antiqued finish.




MarchAquamarine, Bloodstone
JunePearl, Alexandrite, Moonstone
AugustPeridot, Sardonyx
OctoberTourmaline, Opal
NovemberTopaz, Citrine
DecemberTanzanite, Zircon, Turquoise

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